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WhatsApp Update! Four exciting features added. Know more here.

Big WhatsApp Update!- audio playback, video preview, bubble action dark mode and more.

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WhatsApp has released a new update, v2.18.100 for its iOS app adding support for iphone XR, iphone Xs and iphone Xs Max’s bigger display. Previous version of iOS app had some UI compatibility issues for newly released iphone Xs Max’s bigger display.

The new version of WhatsApp’s iOS app also include continued playback for audio messages, bubble menu support and more options for status replay.

Continued playback for audio message will enable continues playing of audio messages if the sender sends them back-to-back. Previously receiving user had to tap each and every audio messages for playing.

UI of Bubble action menu also been redesigned. Bubble action menu is the menu appear when you long tap on a particular message, it shows options like  replay, forward, copy, star etc. This redesigned is basically to improve performance, enabling  more simple and faster way of performing those actions.

Next big feature is more options in the status replay section. Previously you can make replay to one’s status using text message, images, GIFs & videos but this update adds more options like voice messages, documents, location and vCards (Contact sharing) etc. This particular feature will also be available for company’s android app.

The fourth feature is not yet active. It includes supports for video previews in the notification panel. However, according to WAbetainfo, this feature will be available in the future. It is mentionable here that, the current version of WhatsApp only shows previews of text message, GIFs, images.

According to reports, the company is working on some exciting features like ‘Dark Mode’, ‘Vacation Mode’, ‘Silent Mode’ ‘Linked Account’ etc.



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