Samsung showcased foldable smartphone concept: Possible launch in the next year.

Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone concept for some times. Now they revealed its look and design in the developer’s conference. The Company is planing to release it in 2019.

Credit: The Verge

Futuristic concept of foldable smartphone has captured our imagination over the years. There are tons of concept videos we find on youtube. But this has never become reality, only till now.

Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone concept. Having a smartphone which you can fold in to a smaller size to fit in your pocket is dreamlike. And now, it seems like Samsung it making it happen. The foldable smartphone doesn’t have a name yet.

According to The Verge, Samsung at its developer’s conference, which took place on Nov 7, 2018, Justin Denison, SVP of mobile product marketing has showed a device with foldable display. He quoted ” There is a device inside here. And it is stunning.” It is showed under dim lights to protect its elements.

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Photo: Samsung / The Verge

As the smartphone is bendable, it’s display can’t be of glass material, which we see in the modern smartphones. The company has had to develop a new material for display and the call it “Infinity Flex Display.” Company claimed that Infinity Flex display is both “flexible and tough.” It is durable meaning it can be folded and unfolded hundreds of thousands of time and yet display will work just fine.

The device will have tow separate display bound together. The main inside display of 7.3 inch for tablet size, that is when device is folded out. And a cover display which acts like a smartphone when it is folded in. The smartphone display as shown by Samsung has big bezels at top and bottom. It also appeared to be thick and bulky compared to modern day smartphones we use.

Credit: The Verge

Samsung has not yet leaked what features the foldable phone will have. But they claimed that it can run upto three apps simultaneously using something they called ‘Multi-active window.’ Company said they will start mass production of Infinity Flex Display in a matter of months.

Google is also working with Samsung closely to support this foldable smartphone launch in 2019.

Credit: The Verge


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