OnePlus 6T launch event on 29th Oct, NOT 30th Oct.

OnePlus moves company’s next flagship OnePlus 6T launch event from 30th Oct to 29th Oct.

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OnePlus moves company’s next flagship OnePlus 6T launch event from 30th Oct to 29th Oct following Apple’s announcement of Special Event which is to be held on 30th Oct. Initially OnePlus had conform thats OnePlus 6T launch event will be on 29th Oct in New York

Here is What company CEO, Pete Lau said:

“A lot has changed in the past 24 hours. When we announced the launch of the OnePlus 6T on October 8, we were convinced our timing would allow us to maximise the amount of people we could reach with our message. That changed when Apple announced they would be hosting their own event on October 30. We know the entire industry and all media will be holding their breath. So, imagine how we felt when we learned the date of their latest event.”

“As ambitious and passionate as we all are, we have to acknowledge the reality of this situation. There are no winners here. Over the course of almost 5 years, we have been proud to witness the rise of one of the most passionate and powerful communities in all of tech. But, we have to remain realistic. We have only just begun our journey and cannot afford to let one of the most important products in our history be affected by another great product launch. So after deep reflection, we have decided to move the OnePlus 6T Launch Event in New York City to October 29.”

The Company also notes that anybody who owns a ticket but won’t be able to attend the event can apply for a full refund of their ticket. And for those who will be able to attend, but need to move flight schedules, hotel bookings etc. extra costs incurred will be covered by The Company.

Company CEO also added that, they will reach out their invitees individually to adjust their travel plans.

However, this rescheduling if only for New York event. Event in Indian is unaffected by this and will take place as planned.

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As for Apple Special Event, the company has not mentioned anything about what it is going to unveiled.

Here is our take about the Apple Special Event.

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