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Latest WhatsApp Update: A new shortcut for replaying to message introduced.

WhatsApp added a new shortcut to replay to any messages. It is really convenient.

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Since the introduction of WhatsApp, it has completely transformed the way we communicate with friends and family through text message. Now virtually no one uses traditionary ‘Messages’ app in android. WhatsApp made text messages more convenient than ever before. Now it added a new feature¬† on Oct 23, 2018 through an update for android as well as iphone users. Let’s look at the new feature and learn how to use it:

The feature is s shortcut to reply to any message. It could be a text message, or picture or document anything that whatsApp supports. Earlier though they had replay feature, it was not that much convenient and people almost never used it. But now there is a shortcut and it’s very very simple to use.

How to Use this Shortcut?

Follow the steps:

  • First of all go to play store and update whatsApp if the app is not up to date.
  • Open any chat.
  • Tap on any message to which you want to replay and swipe to right.
  • Now a text box will appear, you can write your text replay or attach any file supported by WhatsApp and send it as a replay just like any regular WhatsApp message.

Here is a short video showing how to use the feature:

WhatsApp is currently testing a beta version which has stickers, much like emoji, but more expressing and funny. It will make your conversion more funny and engaging. Once it rools out as an update we will let you know how to use stickers.

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